Tongue Chair by Artifort

 Give me some tong!  Tongue Chair by Artifort from Pierre Paulin.  Tongue is a design that is as sweet as your first summer-kiss!  The amazing Tongue chair (French Chaise Tongue) was designed by French sculptor-turned-designer Pierre Paulin for Artifort in the Netherlands in 1967.  Perhaps one of the best creations of the 20th century; definitely the most unique!  The Museum of Modern Art in New York must have thought the same since they included it in their permanent design collection.  

The Tongue Chair by Pierre Paulin is one of the essential classics in the history of modern furniture. The Tongue chaise lounge chair is a clean, simple ergonomic form sculpted to fit the body. Tongue is made from a foamed tubular steel frame upholstered in stretch fabric. It rests directly on the floor, allowing the user to assume a relaxed and informal posture. An expressive armchair, almost nonchalant. A chair that whispers gently and whose flowing shape and subtle colors make it possible to create interior seating accents easily and expressively.

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