12-Bottles "Milk Bottle" Modern Chandelier by Droog Milk Bottle Chandelier

Droog Milk Bottle Lamps Chandelier by Tejo Remy. The Milk Bottle Lamps Chandelier was designed by Tejo Remy for Droog Design in the Netherlands. Less and more in a single product: 12 sandblasted milk bottles, fitting, cord and connector create light. The Milk Bottle Chandelier is a cluster of 12 old-fashioned milk bottles. The bottles are sandblasted and have a chrome top. The milk bottles hang on long cables, 12 at a time - three rows each of four bottles, just like the Dutch milk crate in the old days. The Milk Bottle Chandelier is a classic in the history of modern lighting. The Milk Bottle Lamp is featured in numerous museum collections including the MoMa New York City and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The individual parts of the Milk Bottle Lamp are completely plain but the combination makes of them an iconic light fixture. Less and more, united in a single product. Professional installation recommended. Total drop length between ceiling plate and bottles is 10'. Cord length may be shortened to any length desired. Perfect over a counter, over the dining table, corner of the living room, etc.