2626 light by FLOS

Shop Flos 2620 Led Light Chandelier Lighting Fixtures at Stardust. These unique 2620 Ron Gilad designed pendant chandeliers will add excitement to any space. The 2620, a chandelier unveiled by Flos in Milan last month and available through Stardust in Sonoma. Ron Gilad created small circles of LEDs and positioned them super-precisely, but seemingly randomly, to create delicate layers of light. The 2620, a chandelier, features these circles clustered together in what looks like a vortex. The 2620 Chandelier is based on Ron Gilad's childhood memory of a window display in a Tel Aviv flower shop. "The plant pots were placed inside rings, which were connected to pedestals at single points, and positioned at angles so they seemed to be dancing. For me, seeing it as a child, it was magic. ron gilad’s hybrid objects combine material wit with aesthetic play; they sit on the fat, delicious line between the abstract and the functional. lives and works in new york city his work, which vary from one-off to limited editions and production pieces, have no “expiration date” and reside in both public and private collections worldwide. gilad is fascinated with philosophizing about the common objects we live with. gilad asks unceasing questions in 3d form and fabricates answers that create an arena for fertile doubt. born 1972 tel-aviv If you look at the 2620 from the bottom, you see a perfect flower, but from any other angle it seems chaotic. Complete chaos from perfect..

...order." All the characteristics, photos and technical dossier for the Flos designer lamp model 2620. Find out more details on the official Stardust website.