Constantin Brancusi Light Sculpture Style ETA Floor Lamp, White

Kundalini E.T.A. Floor Lamp by Guglielmo Berchicci. This sculptural floor lamp has always been a favorite because of its refined artistic aesthetic. Styled like a free-flowing Constantin Brancusi sculpture, Kundalini's iconic E.T.A. floor lamp is by far the most beautiful floor lamps in our collection! E.T.A. was designed by the Italian designer Guglielmo Berchicci for Kundalini in Italy. It has become a classic icon of modern design. The Kundalini E.T.A. lamp is a beautiful and architectural addition to any decor. The lamp is versatile, well designed, and makes a statement whether it is on or off. Its great minimalist design makes it a perfect addition to any modern or contemporary bedroom, living room, hallway or family room. For those seeking a one of a kind and show-stopping light for a room, the Kundalini E.T.A. Lamp is the perfect choice. Due to its size, 78.7" high and 15.7" wide, the Kundalini E.T.A. Lamp is a sculptural object that is sure to draw everyone's eye. The four points of light within the fiberglass diffuser provide for a warm diffused glow that distributes evenly throughout the room. Providing a pleasant ambient light, the Kundalini E.T.A. Lamp is perfectly suited to floors in the living room, bedrooms or family rooms. It also adds a contemporary flair to offices and workspaces.

The E.T.A. floor lamp was designed by Guglielmo Berchicci for Kundalini in Italy. It has a handmade light diffuser in ecological fiberglass, with a metallic inner structure which is removable for changing bulbs. The floor lamp comes with a dimmer.