Enzo Mari Print "Green Frog" (not a Prince)

This is "not" another Warhol...it doesn't even look like a banana!  Enzo Mari La Rana Poster by Danese Milano Italy from Stardust puts a nice touch of jungle green on your wall; a nice touch for city dwellers from outer space (that's all us folks in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago).  Enzo Mari is universally considered to be one of the leading Italian designers. With an obsession for graphics and color, Enzo Mari has transformed Italian design with a wide selection of posters, children's books and product design. With "Quattordici, La Rana" (1976), a sexy beast of a frog, modern graphic designer and artist Mari celebrates the mid-century Italian style of free flowing forms and exuberance of color in one iconic image. Here's looking at you kid.