Soleil™ Silk Area Rug - Orange/Yellow : Stardust

Masterfully hand knotted to luxuriant density, our bamboo silk area rug feels extraordinarily lush underfoot.  Naturally shaded yarns imbue the pile with heathered striations of color, and the surface is sheared to an even finish that highlights its rich visual depth and color variations.  The luxurious 'Rayon de Soleil' rug is hand knotted by master artisans at a small workshop in the Himalayas. The rich color and history of Tibet are woven into each of our hand-knotted rugs. The result is a stunning collection of versatile and vibrant area rugs that will bring an essence of warmth and spirit into any room. Rayon de Soleil invites you like the most beautiful golden sunset and creates a warm and gentle place in the living room or bedroom. This rug looks equally stunning on the floor or as a veritable piece of modern art when hung on the wall. The feel and visual warmth of this bamboo silk carpet is truly unmatched with truly exquisite coloring and design in the finest tradition of Tibetan weaving. This rug is fashioned from a luxurious blend of shine-amplifying silk and bamboo and features a supple softness and an elegant sheen.  This luxe heathered rug features 124,000.00 knots per square meter; the quality is absolutely unsurpassed. This brilliant creation will effortlessly compliment any refined interior design. Custom rug sizes available upon request. Available with or without fringes as pictured.

'Rayon de Soleil' was designed by Chloé de la Fressange for Stardust Modern Design. This beautiful area rug is hand knotted and hand spun from the finest natural bamboo silk which creates a striking effect. This exceptional area rug is more than just "two-toned" or "faded," it features a gradual change from one color shade into the next. Warm colorful hues (ranging from a gently cream like yellow to a deep warm yellowish orange) gently fade and soften into each other and create a visually pleasing ombré effect that changes depending on the angle of your view. Named 'Rayon de Soleil' which literally means 'Ray of Sun' in French, this rug imparts a sense of beauty and timeless style because of its definite architectural quality.