Classic Stylish Home Decorating Beige Area Rug

In the early 1990's Eduardo Chillida created his renowned sculptural paper art works titled Gravitaciones. Now; 20 years after this creation, Spanish rug designer Nanimarquina has re-created some of his finest works into a brilliant rug collection that pays tribute to the famed abstract expressionist Spanish sculptor and artist, Eduardo Chillida.

Eduardo Chillida's "Gravitacion Funademental" was designed in 1993. The inspiration for this exceptionally beautiful rug are Chillida's paper sculptures, sculptural collages developed around the philosophy of "air" and "emptiness" and the fine and almost undetectable relationship between positive and negative space, infused with a Donald-Judd like minimalist philosophy. With Gravitacion, Eduardo Chillida was able to infuse a simple material like paper with a feeling of lightness and stillness. Chillida sought and succeeded in visualizing what you do not see. The result is a remarkable visual treat that attracts us through its simplicity. Executed with extreme attention to detail by the leading luxury rug brand Nanimarquina; this rug is created with an unbelievable 179,000.00 knots per square meter which is exceptional since most rugs stay well below 100,000.00 knots per square meter. It takes several master rug artisans several months to create just one of these amazing rugs. The quality is therefore truly unsurpassed. This rug is equally stunning on the floor or as a veritable piece of modern art when hung on the wall. A brilliant creation that will surely compliment any refined interior. One of the finest area rugs money can buy.