Hans Bolling Duck and Duckling - architectmade - hans bolling - duck and duckling 1959. hans bolling wooden duck figurines. crafted from teak wood - price is for 1 duck - select from 2 sizes. fans of the more whimsical side of scandinavian modernism will welcome the re-issue of designer hans bolling's duck family, designed in 1959 and still hand turned in a small village in denmark. the ducks are reminiscent of danish spring, with mother ducks waltzing proudly around copenhagen with their young ducklings. one particular spring in 1959 branded this image into the minds of the danish population, as during the busy days in frederiksberg a policeman found the time to stop the traffic in order to let a young duck family pass. it was an extraordinary and meaningful event to the by passers to the point that all the newspapers published a famous photograph of the ducks. 

 this captured moment encapsulates the danish attention to nature and detail and the ability to appreciate small everyday miracles. inspired by the charming duck family, hans bølling hence designed a pair of small wooden duck figures, whose souls carry the essence of peaceful and harmonious danish spring. their smooth, wooden curvatures are simple yet sophisticated and inspire subdued serenity and harmony anywhere they are placed, just as they did in spring 1959.

The Duck + Duckling Series is a playful celebration inspired by true events. In 1959, a Danish police officer stopped traffic in order to let a young family of ducks across the road. Inspired by the newspaper photographs, Hans Bølling designed the duck and duckling figures to playfully commemorate the event. Now icons of Danish design, the figurines are handcrafted from teak and feature smooth, rounded forms and exaggerated beaks. The Wooden Duck sculpture can be used on its own on a shelf or desk, or paired with Wooden Ducklings to tell a complete, graphic story.