Infinite-Loop Modern Outdoor Chair

Infinite Loop Outdoor Modern Chair - infinity-loop styled modern garden chairs & Outdoor Furniture Chairs from the Stardust Outdoor Chair collection.  Designed for Patio, Garden and Outdoor; these loop styled chairs provide a stylish accent in any outdoor space.  The concrete loop frame chair in cement grey creates a perfect shape of strength with its elegant lines. Willy Guhl designed the Loop Collection at the request of the Swiss manufacturer and Stardust who, after retiring, wanted outdoor furniture that could withstand the cold Swiss climate. The modern Outdoor Furniture Collection is regarded as the first modern outdoor chair and has been the category design standard ever since. Innovative, stylish and strikingly attractive, Willy Guhl's outdoor side loop chair's delicate yet strong appearance belies its strength and durability for any climate. Some examples are pictured that have been left outdoors for over 40 years! They will naturally weather by age providing a garden sculpture like presence. Browse our outdoor range to find modern garden furniture, seating and more in your taste, so you can make the most of your garden space.  Our Infinite-Loop is beautifully photographed with Mana (Visla dog) by customer Tatiana in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


The Stardust Infinite-Loop Outdoor Seating Chairs are surprisingly strong and comfortable, while maintaining a magnificent modern sculptural design appearance.  In a nutshell; they represent the power of simplicity.  Guhl once said of his famed loop chairs, "If you look at these chairs, they are mainly made of air, like a modern sculpture. Space passes through them." The infinite garden chair truly is a masterpiece of design.

Willy Guhl was one of the most unusual industrial designers of Switzerland in the 20th century. Acknowledged as an universal design prodigy, he worked as an designer, architect, painter and product designer and has left behind an extensive legacy of design products. This includes one of the most fascinating outdoor seating series ever created – the chairs and stools from Stardust - and which remain practically unchanged in their design today. 

These fabulous sculptural design chairs provide a striking focal point in the home or at the office as shown above.  Take a look at this 40 years old discovery in a garden in upstate New York!  The infinite loop design chair is sold through Stardust.