1951± CASTIGLIONI 'Classic' Living Room Lighting Modern TACCIA Living Room Side/Table Lamp Design with Reflector Shade, Black - FLOS

The living room is the perfect place to use a more decorative accent lamp.  Living room side/table lamps provide a beautiful and serene focal point and compliment the overall look and feel of the interior setting.  Look closely in the upper right corner and you will notice the Flos Taccia Lamp from Stardust.  Designed for Flos by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Taccia has been in production since 1962 and still retains the charm of a timeless object.  The Flos Taccia Lamp is a refined table lamp.  Thanks to the large size it is equally suitable as a floor lamp in the corner of a living room or becdroom.  Taccia consists of a base made of anodized extruded aluminum, available in black or sand blasted aluminum.  On the base rests a wide bell of translucent glass, which can be freely oriented to direct the light, surmounted by a concave disc in white aluminum.  The light source is hidden inside the metal support, profiled with projections to improve the diffusion of the heat of the bulb. This technical device, which makes it look like the basis of a classical column, has become the main feature lines of the lamp, and a great success. Through the electronic dimmer, on the cable, you can adjust the intensity of the light.  A great icon of modern design in the Stardust collection.

Originally designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos in 1962 and still available from Stardust.com. This light is easily adjustable by moving the reflector and glass diffuser to the required angle on the fluted aluminum base unit.