3 x 150W 78mm T-10 Round Contemporary Designer Modern Dining Chandelier for Dining Rooms with - White

3 x 150W 78mm T-10 Round Contemporary Designer Modern Dining Chandelier for Dining Rooms with - White; The Flos Zeppelin Suspension Light from Stardust is a unique light made from a special 'cocoon' resin and an internal steel structure. Underneath the 'cocoon' material is a structure of candlesticks, giving the effect of a covered chandelier.  The Flos Zeppelin chandelier or pendant lamp is available in two sizes. The first and smallest size, the Flos Zeppelin 1 Lamp, is perfect for most interior settings. The second and largest size, the Zeppelin 2, is perfect for large interior spaces with high ceilings such as large loft spaces, double-story homes or lobby entrances in apartment- or office buildings. Regardless of the size; the Zeppelin Lamp provides a wonderful and highly decorative element to any type of interior.  Flos Zeppelin Lamp; this absolutely brilliant chandelier is quite a sight to behold. The distinctive Zeppelin Lamp was designed by the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders for Flos, the leading modern Italian lighting brand, and has quickly become one of our best selling Flos lamps. This unique light fixture provides a breath of fresh air to the classic multi-arm chandelier designs of yesteryear. It's internal white powder-coated structure is covered with thousands of silk-like threads in a cocoon like manner. The cocoon structure is covered with a clean transparent coating for added protection which makes it easy to clean too. When the Flos Zeppelin is illuminated, it casts a wonderful soft glow through the cocoon structure. The Zeppelin 1 lamp uses a single light bulb which is cleverly concealed inside the multifaceted crystal glass sphere, located in the center bottom of the Zeppelin Lamp. This crystal sphere creates a unique sparkle effect which is very beautiful, especially when illuminated at night. Its all white design makes this wonderful chandelier a fitting choice for any type of home decor, be it residential or commercial. In addition, its distinctive shape makes the Zeppelin Lamp by Flos a unique focal point in any room.

FLOS Zeppelin Lamp by Marcel Wanders