4-Set Droog Optic Modern Clear Water Drinking Glass | Optical Water Glass by Arnout Visser

Winner of the red dot design award in 2007, the Optic Glass is a real eye-teaser. A simple, yet stunning arrangement of concave and convex formations on the glass surface, trigger mesmerizing distortions that will keep you staring into your glass. So make sure it’s filled with something good. Filling the Optic Glass with liquid brings it to life. The concave and convex lenses create a new view on the world. The structure of the Optic Glass also feels really good in the hand and begs the fingers to play with its shape. Comes as a set of 4. Droog design Optic Glasses sale. Optic Glass Set of 4 by Droog 110% PRICE MATCH. Stardust offers the Droog Optic Glass designed by Arnout Visser and the best in modern design with free shipping. 

Arnout Visser finds his main inspiration in the world of logic. He reminds us of 'how things work' by designing objects that are based in science, physical or mechanical laws. The usage of glass, Arnout's favorite material, gives a clear insight in the working of, for example, liquids, but Arnout also works with other materials such as ceramics, plastics and metals. Designs by Arnout Visser can be found in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Design Museum London, Kunsthal Rotterdam and Groninger Museum, amongst others. The glass comes to life when it is filled with water. The concave and convex lenses create a new view on the world. The structure feels really good in the hand. 

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