Mr. Castiglioni's most brilliant design, Snoopy enthralls with its debonair good looks and looks like a little midcentury masterpiece that is distinctively non-Victorian. Cliche - Touche - Tourne!  Let's be honest about it for once, no lamp is perfect but Snoopy comes close. The Flos creation named Snoopy is a comfortable lamp in the classic boy meets girl; Marie Antoinette & Louis XV style but with a catch; it is flamboyant and daring while remaining confidently Italian. This is not a transparent modern chair but a lamp; the quintessence of baroque is not applicable in this case, the mere goal is to excite and captivate while enjoying the risquee night life of the French Riviera. The Snoopy is the most daring example of marble. Despite its evanescent and crystalline appearance, Snoopy is stable and durable, yet not scratch and weather resistant; neither stackable to 12 high. On the contrary; while it loves to gleam over Belgian pancakes; it keep a charming distance (as instructed by mother) from vulgar yet attractively young lads in cars with 3 numbers that start with a 9. This striking Freudian appeal brings a touch of Coco Chanel style elegance and wacky Karl Lagerfeld hipness to any interior space or closet. A levitating and space-saving effect can be achieved by lifting the lamp into the stratosphere on a Virgin Space trip.