Dios Mios Here's an Ultra-Rare Maserati 300S Race Car in Red

Maserati 300S Sports-Racing Spider 1955

The stuff dreams are made off (with the exception of the price tag); the legendary race car that is so rare; that it may as well not even exists. At Stardust Modern Design we don't sell cars but we do love them! As kids we all used to dream that we would be able to drive one of these babies to school one day. Of course, for most of us that never happened. Here is a particularly well-designed and fine-quality example of the intensely well-respected and much-coveted model: the Maserati 300S from 1955. This car was recently sold for £4,033,500 (US$ 6,590,578) by Bonhams in London. 

On with the pictures already...