Modern Lighting BATH/FOGLIO 1 PC Polished Chrome Foglio1 One Light Modern Bathroom Wall Sconce With Folded Metal

Modern Lighting BATH/FOGLIO 1 PC Polished Chrome Foglio1 One Light Modern Bathroom Wall Sconce With Folded Metal; This is the Flos Foglio.  The Foglio wall lamp by Flos from Stardust. The Flos Foglio Wall Light, designed by Toby Scarpa, with its curved, elegant appearance, suits a number of environments. The Foglio wall luminaire designed by Tobia Scarpa in 1966 is a completely timeless classic. These decorative and modern wall sconces by Tobia Scarpa add stylish illumination to any room. These wall lights provide direct and indirect, partially diffused light. The wall fitting is made of powder-painted steel, the diffuser is made of powder-painted, nickel-plated metal and the holder supports are nylon injection moulded. Foglio wall light is available in three different finishes white, black or chrome. Beautiful and simple, the folds of Foglio house two incandescent lamps that cast a soft glow both upwards and downwards. Perfect for the home, office or public spaces such as corridors and waiting rooms. It's perhaps time to be super handy at home and install a light fixture but these wall lights make installation a breeze since their design is straightforward. Foglio designed by Tobia Scarpa for Flos is a great wall sconce for any type of decor. Wall Sconces adds light to a room without taking up space.

Foglio is an elegantly designed wall lamp that provides direct/indirect and partially diffused lighting. Flos Foglio is a kind of wall fitting for decoration purpose that also emits lights. Its major structure is made from power painted polished white pressed steel. This with different paint or plating gives different diffusion for the light. The significance of Foglio is kept in its designing elegance and simplicity. You can not ignore its superior quality thanks to craftsmanship neither you can undermine its inherent beauty. Flos Foglio is a signature piece of product that not only tells a lot about Tobia Scarpa but also about the brand Flos. Flos, based in Italy, is an iconic brand in today’s illumination industry. It started its operation in global designer illumination devices in the late 60’s. Contemporary wall sconces and modern wall lighting fixtures with a European style to illuminate any room or hallway are always nice. Many big names in the field of artisanship and designing of luminaries have worked at Flos. The association of science, innovation, technology & arts is the real mechanism for Flos to deliver astonishing products. Browse and buy modern wall sconces and the Foglio Flos lamp from Stardust, you will find modern wall lamps from different designers.