Multi-Use Wall Mounted Office and Home Wall Organization Caddy for Kitchen and Office - Wall Organization - Black

You'll never struggle to find anything in that kitchen junk drawer again when you sort it all on the outside for easy accessibility. Though quite a splurge, this retro plastic piece brings instant organization to any area that could use some tidying up. With its different-sized and shaped containers, its metal hooks and clips, Uten Silo organizes offices, kitchens, workshops, bathrooms and children's rooms. Vitra Design Museum produces both the original 1969 version of Uten.Silo and a smaller one dating from 1970. Available in three colors.

The Uten Silo Wall Organizer was designed by Dorothee Becker. Dorothee Becker, born 1938 in Aschaffenburg, Germany, studied languages in Frankfurt and Munich. After living for a time in London and Paris, she moved to California in 1960. She returned to Germany with her husband, Ingo Maurer, and ran a successful shop for well-designed and practical everyday objects until 1989. Becker has continued her creative activities to the present day.