Natural Luminous Moon Rock Sculpture Lamps - Modern Rock Lamp, Beige

These beautiful Luminous Rock Lamps are a customer favorite. The Luminous Rock Lamp collection was designed by French designer Andre Cazenave for Atelier A in Paris France around 1969. This wonderful range of modern floor- and table lamps was inspired by nature and conceived to introduce natures design into the home with new visual nuances and sensations in contemporary home interiors. According to its creator, the Luminous Rock Lamps, with their distinctive organic shape and natural colors, was designed to bring the outdoors inside the urban living environment and to re-establish the relationship between people and the source of nature. These lamps combine two distinctive important features of nature; light and earth.

Made in France. Each Luminous Rock lamp is hand cast from fiberglass and coated with a multitude of fine stone imprints. The surface of each rock lamp is pretty much unique since it is hand finished, customer must therefore accept understandable variations in finish and shape inherent to handmade products.