RARE bang boom Zettel-z pendant - Super Graphic - Ingo Maurer

RARE bang boom Zettel-z pendant - Super Graphic - Ingo Maurer lamp (no longer available)! Ingo Maurer has re-invented the classic Zettel'z Chandelier with this super-pop-art chandelier that takes inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein's Oeuvre and the Flash Gordon comics; it's name: BangBoom! Zettel'z. This limited edition release, offered through design purveyor Stardust, features drawings that were designed by Thilo Rothacker. The drawings are printed on Japon (Japanese Rice Paper). This exceptional chandelier will compliment any refined interior.  We love the art which also remind us of the work by label artist Alan Oldham,

Ingo Maurer's Bang Boom Zettel'z Chandelier is perfectly for most applications including the dining room, living room or home office. The Bang Boom Zettel'z Chandelier is a wonderful composition of art, sculpture, and light! Unlike the Zettel'z series where the user can include their own art; the Bang Boom edition accommodates 80 pre-printed paper sheets. Ingo Maurer uses this Japanese paper as a translucent medium. The 40 printed sheets display love letters in many languages that invite the owner to participate in the creativity. Each paper is individually attached to a thin wire by clips. The result is a unique artistic light fixture that emits direct and diffused light depending on the arrangement of the paper. The design artfully combines the poetic approach to lighting design that Ingo Maurer is famous for. The Ingo Maurer Bang Boom Zettel Z Chandelier is a beautiful light fixture for any type of interior style available from Stardust. This showstopper-of-a-lamp is a real conversation piece.