TOPAN Round Pendant lamp - mid-century modern Lamp - Matte Black

Exclusive from Stardust: Verner Panton's Topan Lamp with a matte black exterior and gold leaf interior. The Topan Lamp was designed by Danish/Swiss designer Verner Panton in 1959. We especially love our special edition Topan Lamp which features a matte black exterior finish and a gold leaf interior finish. Eschewing flamboyance in favor of understated elegance, this modern pendant light fixture compliments any type of interior style. Topan Lamps can be used as kitchen counter pendant lights, above the dining table or as accent lighting in the living room or bedroom. Use a single Topan Lamp as a focal point or cluster them together at different heights to create a wonderful display. The Topan Lamp with its uber-cool and timeless matte black exterior and gold-leaf interior displays a restrained refined aesthetic that is preferred by many of our clients. The Topan Lamp is also a Stardust Staff Pick.

Topan was designed in 1959 by Verner Panton. Sometimes the simplest things are the most lasting and memorable, the Topan Pendant, with its spherical globe, being a brilliant example. Topan's simplicity and coolness proves to be of lasting value. Topan was originally designed for the hotel and restaurant Astoria in Trondheim, Norway, in 1960.