Classic LIGHT-BULB shaped Design Glass Table Lamp by Ingo Maurer with Mirrored-Top Light Bulb, Transparent

Ingo Maurer's Bulb Lamp is one of our favorite pieces so we are happy to stamp it with our "modern design icon" seal.  Bang, bang, bang...there you go.  All of us at Stardust have had a seriously big crush on this "mod" "pop-art-ish" lamp for as far as we can remember; perhaps this is what they call "true love"!  So we were more than happy with our little photo shoot so we could pay tribute to this little legend of a lamp.  As far as design classics go; the Bulb Lamp is a must have.  German designer Ingo Maurer sure had fun when he designed this deliciously sweet Bulb Lamp back in 1968; better believe it!  Ingo took the idea of a regular incandescent light bulb and turned it into a lamp-within-a-lamp.  It has that definite iconic pop art look.  Ingo Maurer's Bulb would blend in nicely with an interior filled with Warhol, Lichtenstein and Claes Oldenburg pieces.  It is on permanent display at MoMA New York and the Stardust showroom in Sonoma California so come check it out for yourself!