dressed in wood centrepiece by alessi, alessi dressed in wood 15.25" round table centerpiece tray, serving centerpiece board, table centerpieces, alessi

dressed in wood centrepiece by alessi, alessi dressed in wood 15.25" round table centerpiece tray, table centerpieces. o a series of iconic porcelain patterned plates in 2011, followed a versatile collection of pots and pans produced in 2012. The year 2015 sees the launch of "Dressed" for breakfast and "Dressed in wood" collections. Altogether, these products offer a holistic tableware solution and dress any kitchen collection with functionality, intelligent design and personality. Introducing the new extensions to the Dressed collection; the “Dressed” for breakfast and “Dressed in wood”. These lines include a series of eye-catchers that will turn your daily breakfast experience into a memorable one. The egg cup is available in white porcelain and thermoplastic resin in black, white, red and yellow versions. It comes with an adorable stainless steel spoon with a hammer to crack the shell with ease, turning your meal into a ritual ceremony. The breakfast plates exhibit the iconic Marcel Wanders' lace pattern, and are multi-purpose. Each plate can host a coffee, tea, espresso, an egg cup, toast or even biscuits depending on how you use it. The quality of the materials is underlined throughout the collections, such as in the porcelain creamer, sugar bowl and butter dish, and the fine stainless steel of the beautiful butter knife and delicate late macchiato spoon. Nothing has been left to chance; the attention to detail and the elegancy of these collections will make you feel as if partaking in a special ritual. Remarkable is the jam tray; one single set with three individual white porcelain areas with stainless steel lids in which to shelter different types of spreads of your choice. Four biscuit jars brighten up your day, the larger of which includes a bell hidden inside that chimes whenever you sneak a special treat. Carved with love, all “Dressed in wood” items are sculpted using a wood-cut laser technique and are finished by hand, to bring the materials' qualities forth in amazing ways. The cheese board will give a royal keynote to your table. Further items include two rectangular trays, two serving boards perfect for aperitifs or antipasti, a centerpiece bowl and a distinguish cake stand with lid. Dazzle your loved ones with these lovingly sculpted breakfast collection pieces. These items wonderfully dress your table setting and give a whole new meaning to your morning meals. The centrepiece is part of the project “Dressed in wood”, designed by Marcel Wanders. A natural material, beech wood, shaped by artisans, is characterised by knots and veins that make each piece slightly unique. The collection “Dressed in wood”, designed by Marcel Wanders, consists of a personal breakfast board, a serving board, two trays, a cheese board, a cake stand, a domed cover in clear thermoplastic resin with wooden knob and a big round centrepiece. Natural beech wood was chosen by the designer for all the articles in this collection. “Dressed in wood” is a collection made by artisans in Valle Strona, where the production of wooden artefacts is documented as far back as the sixteenth century. This Valley drops down to Lake Orta, where Alessi is headquartered.