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Moooi Design Showroom in London

Moooi Raimond Pendant Light Fixtures by Raimond Puts

Moooi Paper Chandeliers by Studio Job

Moooi Dear Ingo Chandelier by Ron Gilad

Moooi Carbon Chairs by Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders
Moooi Random Light Pendant Lamp by Bertjan Pot

Moooi Elements 004 Mirror (top) by Jaime Hayon

Moooi Modern Carpet Model 09 by Marcel Wanders

Moooi Monster Chairs by Marcel Wanders

Moooi, Dutch modern and contemporary design at its best. Moooi Imagss are from the London Showroom but fans of the Dutch Design collective do not need to travel far. California based Stardust features the Moooi collection as well. Choose from popular items like Jasper Morrison's Cork Stool, Random Light, Rabbit Lamp, Smoke Chair, Carbon Chair or the uniquely different Blow Away Vase.

Moooi is a Dutch design company. Moooi specializes in trend-setting modern home decor. Moooi also produces contemporary lighting and modern furniture. The brilliant Moooi design furniture and modern lighting collection includes the Moooi Smoke Chair by Maarten Baas, the Moooi Foam Bowl by Marcel Wanders, the Moooi Lamp Light Shade Shade Chandelier by Jurgen Bey, the Moooi Random Light Pendant Lamp by Bertjan Pot, the Moooi Fringe Lamp by Edward van Vliet. New creations include a series of contemporary and modern floor rugs designed by Marcel Wanders. Marcel Wanders founded Moooi and remains firmly in control as the art director. Moooi was named after the Dutch word for "Beautiful" or "Pretty" which is "mooi".

Moooi Design Collection at Stardust