JOHNNY b-BUTTERFLY 9.84"H x 8.27"DIA Modern XL LIGHT bulb with Dragonfly and Butterflies Design by Ingo Maurer Lighting

Ingo Maurer's Johnny B. Butterfly is an oversized light bulb (9.84"H x 8.27"DIA) adorned with hand-made insects including a Dragonfly and Butterflies. The Johnny B. Butterfly pendant lamp was created by Ingo Maurer in collaboration with Graham Owen. The Johnny B. Butterfly Lamp is so much more than a lamp; it is a multi-functional work of art. It provides light while captivating viewers with a magical sense of nature's beauty, mystery and enchantment. Widely considered to be the most beautiful new creation in design of the last decade. The Dragonfly and Butterflies are made exclusively for Ingo Maurer. Each is individually handmade and colored with exquisite pigments from Kremer Pigments in Munich Germany. No molds, plastic, wood, clay, resin, etc are used in their construction; each insect is an individual work of art, created to be beautiful, life-like, durable, and light as a feather.

Able to infuse a simple object like a lightbulb with a poetic exploration of a conceptual theme, German lighting prodigy Ingo Maurer's work bridges art and function. Working in collaboration with Graham Owen who designed these exceptionally detailed insects, Johnny B. Butterfly is a small limited series of pendant lights that capture the imagination. Butterflies and dragonflies dance around an over-sized light bulb, wrapped with a frosted strip of teflon to create a whimsical and light-hearted fixture. A gorgeous light fixture that will beautify and illuminate any refined space. The only downside: every other lamp will fail in comparison to the simple yet ravishing beauty of the Johnny B. Butterfly.

Ingo Maurer Johnny B. Butterfly Lamp consists of one (1) max 105 watts halogen light bulb, socket E27 (included). Standard cable length is 9.8'. Special cable lengths available upon request.