MING BLING 3100-old Chinese Vase Copy with Jelly-Jar Shape in Porcelain without Flowers, White

Moooi Ming Vase. The closest thing to an actual Ming vase without paying too much Bling.  This contemporary modern take on the classic Ming Vase looks dastardly dandy on the table or shelf. The Ming Vase by Moooi is a copy of a 3100 year old hand made chinese vase. It was found on the bottom of the sea in the wreck of an old chinese jonk and was used as a jelly-jar for more than 300 years. The history of the product was then given a new twist as Marcel Wanders copied the shape and produced it in white porcelain. Makers marks in the pot are left intact and thereby make a part of the vase's history visible. Made of unglazed porcelain on the outside and white glazed porcelain on the inside.