Modern Large Round 2ft Murano Glass Ceiling/Wall Lamp Light Sconces in Transparent w. White Murano Glass - Round Wall Lights

Modern Round Murano Glass Wall Lamp Light Sconces in Transparent w. White Murano Glass - Round Wall Lights.  Shop Leucos Keyra Wall Sconce & Ceiling Light by Leucos Lighting at Stardust. Kyra is a modern and elegant flush mount Murano glass design. This beautiful light fixture is available in two sizes with LED illumination. The impressive glass diffsuer is hand-blown in clear crystal with white glass at its concave center. The flush mount canopy is in white lacquered metal. Keyra 30PPL|60PPL Wall Ceiling Light by Leucos Lighting. Shop the super stylish Keyra Wall & Ceiling Light Fixtures designed by Roberto Paolo for Leucos Lighting in Italy. The Keyra Light (models 30PPL & 60PPL) reflect the amazing artistry of the Leucos glass makers that create these unique & contemporary glass wall sconces and ceiling lighting fixtures Simply stunning, these hand-blown artistic creations by Leucos are sure to add a doze of interest and style to any wall or ceiling. The Keyra lamps are very simple and display their own quiet elegance. This contemporary style LED wall sconce is ideal for a hallway, bedroom, living room or bathroom. Keyra features an impressive glass diffuser made with hand-blown Murano glass in clear crystal with a white glass diffuser at its concave center. The white glass diffuser creates a wonderful diffused light effect. The metal structure that mounts to wall or ceiling is metal with a high gloss white lacquer. Keyra is available in two sizes with energy efficient LED illumination and electronic ballast. Discover additional Leucos wall sconces and ceiling lights at Stardust. Keyra is a creation by Roberto Paoli, Italy's leading lighting designer. Roberto Paoli is an architect and designer specializing in small-scale product design & architecture. His accurate creative process combines a strong technical knowledge with the consciousness of the materials' capabilities in order to innovate and to give shape to products with clean lines.