Decorative Table Lamp Bourgie: Metallic Blue Color

Ferruccio Laviani has re-designed the classic Bourgie Lamp with a beautiful new metalized finish. This limited edition multi colored Bourgie Lamp with a metalized light blue lampshade displays beautifully on a coffee- or end table. This bright and colorful new creation is composed of three decorated layers that interconnect. The metalized light blue lampshade is made with a pleated effect that creates a myriad of reflections when turned on. The Kartell Bourgie Lamp also features a unique attachment systems which makes it possible to adjust the height of the lampshade anywhere from 27" to 31". A touch sensitive dimmer allows for dimmed or bright light. The Kartell Bourgie Lamp is a perfect light for the entryway, living room or when used as a bedside table lamp.

The Bourgie lamp by Kartell is one of the most remarkable lamps in the history of modern lighting. The wonderful revisiting of a classic: the baroque table lamp, but in an attractive new jacket. The revolutionary feature of the Bourgie lamp is that it is made entirely of transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate. On the one hand, it is classical, rich and traditional, and on the other, it is innovative, transparent and ironic. The quality of the material and its extremely highquality processing lend it the resemblance of a precious, crystal table lamp. The baroque style base is composed of three decorated layers that interconnect, and the large lampshade is made with a plissé effect, to create a myriad play of reflections once the lamp is turned on. Thanks to a special coupling system on the lampshade, it can be assembled at three different heights: 68, 73 and 78 centimetres. You can choose to assemble it at the height you prefer and, later, modify it according to your preferred use. In this way, Bourgie takes on greater personality, giving the user the possibility to transform it instantly into a splendid decorative table or desk lamp.