We at Stardust love these wickedly cool sculptural wall mirrors which add a decorative element to any interior. We have reached deep into Verner Panton's treasure chest of design icons to select three sculptural wall mirrors that are as fresh now as when Verner Panton designed them in 1965. Created by Verner Panton for his own home in Basel Switzerland, and produced only in a very limited edition in the 1960s, the few elusive examples of this mind-blowing pyramidal artwork fetch sky-high prices in exclusive auctions. Now, Verpan is producing the work in mirrored acrylic - and lets contemporary owners join in the creative process by arranging the piece's three quadrants in the combination of their choice. These Mirror Sculptures are an absolutely spectacular sight to behold when the light bounces off their reflective mirror-like surface at the Stardust showroom!

The Mirror Sculptures available from Stardust Modern Design are arguably one of the most interesting reissues of Verner Panton's body of work. This 4-Pyramid Mirror Sculpture features 4 pyramids and, if needed, can be combined with our other Panton Mirror Sculptures to create a beautiful large mirror wall. The Verner Panton Mirror Sculptures make a stunning focal point in any environment. These Mirror Panels can be used as decorative wall elements. They also create a feeling of spaciousness because of their reflective qualities.