PARENtesi Original FLOS Parentesi Light

PARENtesi Flos Light - This is the Flos Parentesi Lamp. The Parentesi floor reading light by Flos lighting from Stardust. Although this modern stunner of a light is a symbol of the 1960s, the Parentesi remains ageless, a tribute to its simple and classic lines. After quite a lot of research into reading lamp, with many of its type being more than twice the price of the Parentesi lamp, we are still delighted with our original choice which as it happens also is a design classic. Designed by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzu in 1971, the Flos Parentesi is a multi-functional lamp that has become a design classic and provides direct light. The Parentesi lamp body is mounted on a coloured painted or nickel-plated shaped steel tubes and this, in turn, moves vertically via sliding on a ceiling-to-floor steel cable (4m long). This allows the light to be fixed at whatever height is required and this can then be direct at whatever you want to illuminate. Parentesi is particularly great for task lighting or highlighting architectural details. The steel tube on which the lamp sits is available in black (main image), polished nickel, red and white. This can also be purchased separately to add more lamps to one length of steel wire. One of the design classics: The ceiling-to-floor lamp Parentesi by Flos with base weight. This lamp connects the ceiling with the floor by a steel wire rope, that tautens with a weight. This is a great reading lamp when placed next to a reading chair or sofa. The Parentesi Floor Reading lamp allows your eyes to be as fresh as when you started. No headaches, no red-eyes. Plus, it can be installed exactly where you want light.  Working under this lamp becomes relaxing, the light creates less strain on the eyes and allows us to read or write for much longer periods and in more comfort. This floorstanding reading lamp gives a great light source wherever you choose to read or if you are just looking for a hobby or arts & crafts lamp.  Discover our range of modern floor lamp styles and reading lights. We have reading floor lamps, contemporary floor lamps made by famous designers and offer free shipping.