Our client, an interior designer in New York City, specified these beautiful Artemide Tolomeo Wall Shade lamps for a modern bedroom re-design.  These beautiful adjustable wall lights make perfect bedside reading lights.  Even when you keep your eyes (wide) shut in the bedroom for most of the time, you will still need a couple of good bedside reading lights.  You can either choose a small table lamp or a pair of wall-mounted lamps like these Artemide Tolomeo wall lamps.

 Artemide Tolomeo Wall Lamps

SHADE WALL TOLOMEO SHADE WALL LAMP - Adjustable overhead wall lamps are a must-have, especially if you read and/or work in bed.  Make sure to place these wall lamps in the center of each pillow above the headboard (if you have one).  A 60 watt light bulb should be plenty to ready by (you don't want a blinding light in the bedroom; especially if your partner is trying to fall asleep).  One of our favorite bedroom reading wall lamps is this Tolomeo light by Artemide.  The Tolomeo lamp series was designed by Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina for Artemide in 1987. The versatile Tolomeo lamps have become one of the world's most recognizable lamps.