White Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke Pendant Lamp


The PH Artichoke. The most desirable things in life have a precious, enduring beauty that should be treasured forever. The PH Artichoke offers such a timeless allure. The PH Artichoke's undeniable elegance is reflected in the delicate modernist composition of 72 "leaves" which was inspired by the structure of an Artichoke. The PH Artichoke displays an enduring style and elegance that is destined to captivate everyone who sees it. Strikingly beautiful, the PH Artichoke lamp is so much more than an ordinary object that provides light, it is indeed in itself a work of art. PH Artichoke (1958) is a 360-degree glare free luminaire created by 72 leaves, which shield the light source, redirect and reflect the light onto the underlying leaves, giving distinct, unique illumination. Suspension type: 3x stainless steel aircraft cables. Suspension length: 12’. Canopy: White. Cord type: 3-conductor, 18 AWG PVC power cord. The PH Artichoke lamp ships in a wooden crate to ensure safe arrival. Customer will also receive (1) matching light bulb.