Mid-Century Modern Lighting | DooWop Pendant Lamp from Louis Poulsen, All Colors

Part of our mid-Century Modern pendant lighting collection; the Louis Poulsen Doo-Wop was designed for the Danish Navy by Louis Poulsen in Denmark. 

The DOO-WOP hanging light primarily provides a downward directed soft light by means of the white lacquered inner conical reflector. The outer reflector, the main shade, contributes to directing the light up- and downwards, while at the same time spreading the soft diffuse light. The inside of Doo-Wop's main shade is illuminated through an opening in the inner conical reflector. The Louis Poulsen Doo-Wop pendant lamp emits a constantly ambient glow: 

 Doo-Wop features two layers of powder coated aluminum encourage a beautiful play of light between the shades. Suitable for application in conference rooms, restaurants, retail environments, lounge areas, over dining tables and seating areas. Available in several colors: white, dark grey, red, green, blue powder or brass.