Kettle with Tea Rex Whistle by Alessi

Need a stainless steel stovetop kettle; tired of the bird whistle? Check out ALESSI TEA REX KETTLE.  Highly reviewed; the Alessi Tea Rex kettle has a sticker price of $199 & up. It is perhaps a surprise that the alessi bird whistle kettle has sold over 1 million pieces making it one of the best selling kettles around. Designed by michael graves in 2014, the alessi tea rex whistle kettle has a youthful personality and a simple geometry, allowing it to heat faster than other kettles thanks to its tapered stainless steel body and spout. The tea rex dragon-styled spout cheerfully whistles when the water reaches a boil. Handle in polyamide tea rex whistle in polyamide black option includes copper dragon; blue version includes light green dragon.