Mid-Century STRIT Danish Wood 1950s Design Toy

architectmade strit

the hans bolling (a kay bojesen contemporary) famous wooden strit with a mischievous look and a dark pants turns desks and offices into playgrounds that are as fun as monkey bars. during the course of his lifetime, danish architect/designer hans bolling (hans bølling) enjoyed the connection between design and fun like many of his contemporaries including kay bojesen. strit, a hans bolling design from 1953, fits with stardust's passion for creative flair, simplicity, refinement of form, danish tradition and longevity. the highly specified and elaborate details of strit's body, crafted by architectmade in denmark, adds a sophisticated dimension to his form. every angle, curve and bend has been craftily thought out over the span of a couple of years to convey a highly stylized, yet harmonious aesthetic object. hans bolling's wooden figurine is an elaborately designed play object with a flair of whimsy, which makes you look twice. presented in gift box. made in denmark.

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